Helping Sea Turtles Survive

Community based organisation focusing in saving sea turtles on Pangkor Island.

What We Do

We encourage public involvement in turtle conservation activities. We work with the local fishermen community in information sharing and involvement in any conservation activities organized. We conduct consultations and advocacies with government agencies and departments in protecting coastal areas. We collaborate with experts and researchers in conducting research for the benefit and survival of sea turtles in Pangkor Island. We place great emphasis on education in conveying awareness of the importance of turtle conservation. Therefore, we organize public forums, workshops with fishermen, outreach to local schools, and arts activities.


Ensure that turtle landing rates increase to 60 nests a year by 2030 and reduce the threat of extinction, while strengthening the local ecotourism economy.


Protecting sea turtles of Pangkor Island through series of awareness programs, on-field conservation works, community engagements, art activities, academic researches, and advocacies.

Main Services & Products

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Tree Planting

Learn how tree planting can help turtle conservation on Pangkor Island

Handicraft made by locals

Support local handicraft, support local livelihood

Conservation Volunteerism

Contribute your time to help our day-to-day work with a bunch of passionate locals.

Adopt a Tree

Coastal tree plays a huge role in preventing beach erosion,
adopt a tree or organise a tree planting event with us!

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